New Istanbul airport to open in October

New Istanbul airport to open in October

Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan visited Istanbul 3rd Airport on Saturday. He explained that Istanbul’s 3rd Airport will be opened on October 29th.
According to the information received from Arslan, 80% of the airport is completed. The expected time is the 95th anniversary of The establishment of the Republic of Turkey.
Airport, including a third Bosphorus bridge opened in 2016, is among the largest projects in Turkey.
As soon as the new airport was opened, Arslan said that incoming flights would be directed from the current Ataturk Airport to the new airport. The transition to the new airport will be completed within 48 hours.
When the airport is fully in service, it will employ 225,000 people and allow 3,000 flights a day.
Once the first stage of the airport is completed, it will have a capacity of 90 million passengers. With the completion of the four stages, it is expected that the airport will serve 150 million passengers and will be able to travel for more than 350 destinations for approximately 100 airline companies.
When fully completed in 2023, the world’s largest airport is expected to be a new airport in Istanbul, Turkey, it will serve as the primary airport and a port for trips between Europe and Asia.


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